Matt received his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Kendall College of Art and Design, an exclusive private college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Soon after Kendall, he was invited to study at the Royal College of Art in London, England.  Upon returning to the US, Matt took a job at a small SW Michigan Ad Agency called Harper Run Communication Arts, where he worked as a Graphic Designer for several years before starting off on his own in 2001. As time moved forward, Matt found himself both art directing a decent amount of photo shoots for clients, as well as assisting a local photographer as needed, it was at this time that he really developed a love for photography.  Being a commercial artist, and living in a small midwest town such as Battle Creek, MI.  it became more and more obvious that wearing many hats, was not only necessary to be an artist in a small town, but it also provided a nice amount of variety that keeps things fresh and interesting, a real bonus when you work in the creative field.


As time pushed on and business increased, it became obvious that there were a couple of hats that maybe didn't fit correctly, or just didn't work.  Mainly the organizational/accounting hats.  It seemed that while these hats did indeed add variety to his daily chores, they seemed to suck up creative juices like a vampire squid.  That is when Angie joined the team and took over the organizational part of the creative business, thus freeing up Matt's time by becoming the professional Ying to his creative Yang. They haven't looked back since.



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Serving All of Michigan



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We’ve worked with Matt and Angie for many years on many different projects and they are simply excellent. The work produced speaks for itself but the behind the scenes work is equally as impressive. They are not just “artists” but excellent communication, strategy, and project management.


I originally found Loon Lake when I was struck by a marketing piece they had done for another business. I aggressively tracked down the owner and asked who was responsible for their design work. It was a very happy referral as she too had nothing but great experiences working with Matt and Angie.


I’m not an easy client to satisfy but I can say without reservation that Loon Lake is one of the best I’ve seen.

- Derek Wissner -

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