5 Steps to Keep Your Website Fresh and Competitive in Today's Ever Updated World


Your business's website is a direct reflection of your business, your product and your brand, making it vital that it represents you well. One of the major faux pas of the Internet is allowing your website to fall out of date, whether that be from lack of fresh content, aged design or obsolete technology. This can damage your business's image and cost you sales.


However, technology moves at an alarmingly fast pace these days. Web trends flash in and out of style at a rate that it can be overwhelming to keep up with. It's no longer enough to try to simply keep up with an online presence. In order to ensure that your website is properly representing your business, you need to take the time to think ahead and plan for your future on the Web. There are certain steps that you can take from the start to future proof your website, to make sure that you don't get left in the dust later.


Plan for Regular Redesigns

The most thorough solution to avoid getting out-of-date is to plan ahead in your workloads and budget to allow for a website redesign every 2 -3 years. This ensures that you stay on the cutting edge of technology and stay fresh for your customers, but it sometimes can be out of reach due to financial restrictions or workload.


Think Ahead

Don't just think about what you need your site to do today. Plan on what it may need to deliver 2-5 years down the road. Part of this is considering where technology may lead, but more importantly, it requires that you consider how you want your business to grow, what future services and products you may offer, and how easily your site can adapt to present those new developments.


Keep Things Simple

Clean and simple design may never go out of style. While having all of the latest bells and whistles can be tempting, it can be far more future-friendly to focus on delivering the content and function of your website in a visually appealing, easily navigated style. Embrace extra functions if they add true value to your customers, but don't jump on every technology bandwagon without considering whether what it contributes makes a  specific difference to your business and customers.


Regularly Post Quality Content That Provides Value to Your Customers

A website is really just a vehicle for providing information and function to your customers. Keeping design up-to-date is important, but regular, quality content is the key to your website's success. Plan a calendar for updates, so that you are not caught with nothing to post, and you can work on article ideas well in advance. This gives you time to gather useful information to craft more valuable content. If you have a hectic time coming up and are worried about forgetting to post, prepare posts ahead of time and schedule them to publish automatically.


Establish a Good Relationship With Your Web Services Provider

It can be a relief to know that you have a good working relationship with your Web services provider, and you can count on them to work with you. Whether it's turning to them for help when you encounter an issue, asking them for advice before making a change, or simply going through routine maintenance and tasks, having them on your team makes your job easier, your work better and saves you money.


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Kalamazoo Photography Awarded Magazine  Cover



Hooray!  This marks 2 years in a row that our sister company Loon Lake Photography, has been chosen to grace the cover of the Kalamazoo Bride Magazine. We love this publication, and Feel so lucky to get to work the Kalamazoo Wedding Photography Market.

Loon Lake Photography Awarded Kalmazoo Bride Cover



Congratulations to our sister company Loon Lake Photography who's photo has been chosen for the cover of 2015 Kalamazoo Bride Magazine.  We are extremely flattered! Thanks to all that made this possible!


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